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Braun running mate pick sets up potential convention fight

Braun sets up possible convention fight

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Republican strategist on Friday said convention delegates likely will side with Mike Braun’s pick for lieutenant governor.

As part of the panel discussion for Sunday’s edition of All INdiana Politics, Whitley Yates said convention delegates will want a seamless administration. She said they historically have deferred to the Republican nominee’s pick.

“I’m going to be honest, I think that it’ll play out in a way where they’re going to support who the nominee chooses and selects because they want not only the governor, but the lieutenant governor to work seamlessly together,” said McGuire.

Braun on Wednesday announced state Rep. Julie McGuire, R-Indianapolis, is his preferred choice for lieutenant governor. McGuire was first elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 2022. Braun said in a statement, “Julie McGuire is a strong conservative who has lived the values of faith, family, and community. Like me, Julie didn’t come from the farm system of politics – her experience comes from the real world serving her neighbors, raising a family, and getting things done on issues like child services and health freedom.”

The announcement sets up a potential convention showdown with Pastor Micah Beckwith. Delegates to the Indiana Republican Party Convention, set for June 15, have the final say as to who will join Braun on the ballot. Beckwith has been campaigning for nearly a year to line up delegates to back his bid for the job. After Braun’s announcement, Beckwith posted on X, formerly Twitter, “While this is a solid choice, we believe a Mike Braun-Micah Beckwith team would be exceptional! Ultimately, it’s up to the elected convention delegates to decide this race, and they will have a VOICE and a CHOICE at the Indiana GOP State Convention–exactly as it should be.”

Democratic candidate Dr. Jennifer McCormick has not yet announced a lieutenant governor pick of her own. Democrats also will make the final decision about running mates at their state convention. Democratic strategist Arielle Brandy said she is not yet aware of any talk as to who McCormick’s pick might be. She said Democratic convention delegates likely will also defer to McCormick.

“I think when it comes to our gubernatorial race, we’ll be in a really good place and trust that Jennifer will make the best choice for us and our state,” said McCormick.

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