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Avon man angered after sign is stolen from front yard in broad daylight

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — A man in Avon is tired of his neighborhood being targeted by what he refers to as “scrappers.”

The theft of Gregory Platts’ “Children at Play” sign happened in the Wynbrooke neighborhood located off of Wintergreen Way in broad daylight by a man in a blue Ford F-150. The man pulls up to the home, casually gets out and removes the sign from the yard before placing it in the bed of his truck.

Platts said that this isn’t the first time possessions have been stolen. He said that his lawnmower was also stolen a few years ago after he accidentally left it sitting on the side of his home.

He said his neighbor’s possessions have been taken as well.

“I am just tired of scrappers taking anything and everything,” Platts said. “A couple years ago, my neighbors kid’s bikes were also taken by these guys that drive around. The bikes clearly weren’t trash or anywhere near the trash that was set outside. They were just accidentally left in the driveway.”

Officials are investigating the incident.

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