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Best of Dick Wolfsie: Olympic gold medalist Greg Bell remembers his longest leap

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week, Dick Wolfsie shares a special story unique to central Indiana.

This week, we continue our “Best of Dick Wolfsie” series when Wolfsie sat down with Olympic long jumper Greg Bell in 2018.

Bell won the gold medal in long jump at the 1956 Olympics in Australia. 

Bell, who was born 10 miles south of Terre Haute, sat down with Wolfsie and spoke on some of his accomplishments. His longest ever jump was 26 feet and 7 inches.

“The Longest Leap,” is a book Bell wrote detailing his journey of his upbringing to a Olympic medalist.

“I always had fun outrunning all of my siblings. And then most of the kids in the neighborhood too. I knew I had some athletic ability,” said Bell. “I was too short to play basketball. Too small to play football, but I could run.”

Bell is now 89 years old. 

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