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Business operators eager to hear VP Pence speak in Plainfield

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Vice President Mike Pence will be back in Indiana on Thursday to talk about the tax plan of President Donald Trump’s administration — weeks before Congress will vote on it.

The vice president will go to TKO Graphix, a small business a couple minutes from downtown Plainfield. There, he will take part in a roundtable discussion and then talk about why he believes the tax plan will help the middle class and small businesses.

This visit comes just about a month after Pence came to Anderson to sell Hoosiers on tax reform.

In Plainfield, the chamber of commerce hears one common complaint from its 450 business owners.

“Taxes, it all comes down to taxes. How much money are they taking out of our profit?” said Brad DuBois, the chamber’s CEO.

President Trump’s plan would reduce the corporate tax rate, but the National Federation of Independent Business has concerns about whether small businesses will see relief.

Oasis Diner is a staple of Plainfield and owned by Don Rector and his son-in-law. Rector is looking forward to hearing from the vice president.

“I hope he addresses more things specifically. You know, how are we going to incorporate this?” Rector said.

He said any tax cut to his business would help the Plainfield economy.

“They either re-invest it to develop their business, which employs a lot of people, and puts either construction workers or manufacturers or parts in better position to make a profit or they could possibly take that profit as personal income,” he said. “And when they take that profit as personal income they have to pay taxes on it as personal income.”

Same goes for tax cuts on individual taxes, an idea Trump looks to make reality in his tax bill.

But will it pass? Plainfield residents said one key is keeping the bill strictly about taxes. Another key is making it bipartisan.

The vice president will land in Indiana around 4:15 p.m., which will be livestreamed on He is expected to make remarks about 5:45 p.m., which also be be livestreamed. Reports on Pence’s visit also will be broadcast in the 5, 6, 10 and 11 p.m. editions of 24-Hour News 8 on Thursday.