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After the bell: Disney perks; new caffeine drink; tweet editing; hiring slowdown

(WISH) — Will the August jobs report coming Friday show a hiring slowdown?

It’s all about inflation. A weaker pace of hiring should help keep wage increases in check and provide hope that inflation is beginning to ease.

The government is expected to show employers added 300,000 jobs last month. That would be far less than July’s boom of 528,000 jobs. But, this report is also one of the last things the Federal Reserve gets before deciding how high to hike interest rates later this month.

On the markets Thursday, that rate hike is what investors seem concerned about. Stocks started off September with a late-day rally.

Edit your tweets

You’ll soon be able to edit your tweets finally. But, there’s a catch. Later this month, Twitter Blue users who pay $5 can undo a tweet before it’s seen by everyone, and don’t see in-feed ads. There is one guardrail in place: You’ll only have 30 minutes after posting to make any changes.

Need more caffeine?

Gatorade is jumping into the caffeine market. Its new drink is called Fast Twitch. It has 200 milligrams of caffeine, about twice the amount in one can of Red Bull.

Also, you’ll be seeing NFL players drinking Fast Twitch on the sidelines as part of an exclusive deal with the league. It launches for the rest of us in February.

Disney eyes insider program

Disney is exploring a membership program similar to Amazon Prime. No idea of pricing just yet, but think about it like this: exclusive perks, discounts and other goodies for spending more money on Disney stuff. In return, Disney collects your info and sells it. This is all still in early stages, but Disney confirms it’s considering a membership program. A lot of Disney aficionados would happily pony-up more money for being an insider.