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After the Bell: General Motors’ woes; feds offer $1.5B for electric charging stations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Even with high inflation, people are feeling optimistic about the economy.

Consumer confidence rose for the second straight month in September. The monthly survey done by the Conference Board shows Americans are feeling less pessimistic about where they are now and their outlook for the future. Moderating gas prices sure help, but there’s still a lingering fear of an economic downturn or recession.

On the markets, the Dow broke under 29,000 points for the first time in two years. It ended the day down 125.82 points, to 29,134.99.

General Motors’ woes

General Motors is in damage control mode. It sent out a memo on Friday saying corporate workers will be required to return to physical office locations at least three days a week beginning later this year. Employees were confused and fought back.

Now, GM says it will find the best solution for each employee moving forward, adding that they should plan on returning to the office sometime in 2023.

Electric charging stations

Do you have range anxiety about electric cars? This might help. The U.S. Department of Transportation just green-lit a plan to build electric vehicle charging stations covering 75,000 miles of highways across the country.

States are approved to start building, and have access to $1.5 billion in federal money.

Happy meals for adults

Brian, mcdonalds is selling happy meals for adults?

Starting Monday, McDonald’s restaurant customers can order the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box.

That’s a Big Mac or a 10-piece McNuggets plus fries and a drink in a special box, and an old-school toy.

McDonald’s hopes to trigger memories of the Grimace, the Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird.