Businesses take different approaches when it comes masks and staff

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Come June, customers will no longer have to cover their faces, but, at some establishments, employees will.

Managers at Gallery Pastry Bar and The District Tap each said they will be relieved to no longer have to bother people about masks, but the business operators have different opinions about what rules employees should still have to follow.

Ariel Hendrickson from Gallery Pastry Bar said there’s just no way to guarantee everyone is being truthful about getting the shot. That’s why she said staff will stay in masks for now. “There’s not a lot more to it other than it just seems like the right thing to do. We can’t guarantee that everyone’s vaccinated.”

Michael Cranfill from The District Tap said he is asking every employee who wants to stop wearing their mask to show proof they’ve been vaccinated. Once they do, they’ll be given a pin that says “I got the shot” to wear instead.

“By no means are we requiring our employees to get vaccinated, and I respect their decisions as well. So you know, once again I’m going with science and I think this is a very common-sense solution on how we get people feeling comfortable again being around people who aren’t wearing masks,” Cranfill said.

Gallery Pastry Bar’s Hendrickson said if more businesses take that approach, her establishment may eventually follow suit.

Both businesses hope the looser restrictions serve as incentives for employees and customers to get vaccinated.

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