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WISH-TV Exclusive: JPMorgan Chase CEO discusses community branches

WISH-TV Exclusive: JPMorgan Chase CEO discusses community branches

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In a News 8 exclusive, one of the most influential people in the world talks to WISH-TV.

Jamie Dimon is the chair and chief executive officer of the world’s largest bank: JPMorgan Chase. On Tuesday, he visited Indianapolis, and “Daybreak” anchor Scott Sander was the only local broadcaster Dimon agreed to sit down with.

When Dimon talks, world leaders and titans of business listen, in part because he speaks his mind freely even as his peers keep a more cautious approach.

He came to our community Monday to check in on a local component of the international bank he leads. The Chase bank on Lafayette Road just north of 34th Street is an example of what Dimon describes as community banking: branches and managers tasked with far more than cashing checks and opening accounts.

Dimon sees them as a critical component in lower-income neighborhoods for people who don’t feel comfortable going to a bank.

“They’re built or reconstructed by minority groups. We hire locally; the art is local, the food is local. At what we call our community branch, our community manager gets to know all the local religious institutions, not-for-profits, small businesses, and we have what we call ‘financial education’ or ‘financial health’. Come in, and we’ll teach you how to get a mortgage, how you get a home, how to improve your credit score. And this works.”

Dimon says there are 16 such community branches and 150 community managers right now – with plans to add more of both.

Dimon also held a town hall meeting Tuesday morning with people interested in his message, which includes both soaring optimism and deep concern about the future.

This story was created from a script aired on WISH-TV.