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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines with Jane King.

American Airlines boosts pilot contract offer by $1B

American Airlines raised its offer for a new pilot contract by more than $1 billion. Now it matches that offered to United Airlines pilots. American’s pilots are scheduled to start voting on the current deal today.

Tesla offers 84-month auto loans

Tesla has started offering consumers 84-month auto loans after Elon Musk said the carmaker would “have to do something” about rising interest rates. The longer loans brings down monthly payments. While 84-month auto loans have been gaining in popularity, the trend slowed early this year, according to credit-reporting company Experian.

More states allowing minors to serve alcohol

More states are joining the trend of letting minors legally serve alcohol and bartend. There are at least nine states — including Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Idaho — that have enacted or introduced laws that would allow minors ages 14 to 17 to serve alcohol, according to a report from economic policy institute. Critics say it’s just to get cheap labor.

Research suggest not to trust ai-generated content

At a time when experts predict that 90% of the internet will be generated by AI, wevo, the next-gen user experience research platform, suggests not trusting AI generated drafts of content and experiences.
WEVO’s says its third generation of user research tools, WEVO 3.0, released today, ensures that AI generated products and experiences are well received by the target human audience

Stock update

Stocks were mixed friday as traders assessed the latest corporate earnings results, and the Dow Jones Industrial average stretched its winning streak to 10 sessions.