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City, IMPD officers named in lawsuit after wrongful death of CVS robbery suspect

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The city of Indianapolis and three members of the Indianapolis Metropolitian Police Department are named in a federal lawsuit alleging the wrongful death Devin Paul Killebrew Johnson.

The family of Johnson is seeking compensation for the death of Johnson, alleging that IMPD used excessive force. Robert Killebrew, Jr. is listed as the plaintiff and personal representative of the estate of Johnson.

According to court documents, Johnson was attempting to rob a CVS pharmacy in November of 2013 when responding officers Matthew McDonald, Jerome Barker and Andrew Lamle encountered Johnson.

The complaint alleges that Johnson was unarmed and that the three officers fired 40 rounds without warning him that deadly force was to be used.

Johnson died a week after the incident. An autopsy revealed that Johnson had 24 gunshots wounds on his body. The complaint also alleges that Johnson was shot in his back at least once.

Killebrew’s requests to view video of the incident have not been granted.

The case was moved from Marion County Superior Court to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana last week.