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Club owner reflects on Stones’ surprise 1989 visit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Saturday’s Rolling Stones concert may be the music event of the year in Indianapolis.

But the band’s concerts in 1989 are still memorable to a business owner on Mass Ave.

David Andrichik, owner of The Chatterbox Tavern, had a surprise visit by two members of the band and a small entourage. It was the night before the Rolling Stones’ two show visit to Indianapolis.

“I’m happy to have them back in town and happy to have this story bubble up, again,” Andrichik told 24-Hour News 8.

Connections helped make it happen. Andrichik knew the concierge at the Stones’ hotel, downtown.

“She was a regular customer of ours here for the jazz music,” said Andrichik.

He also knew the limo driver who drove them – Mick Jagger, Ron Wood and a small entourage — to the pub.

The concierge called to make sure the Chatterbox had live music that night. She also said Jagger and Wood asked that other customers didn’t take pictures or ask for autographs. In those days before smartphones, that wasn’t the problem it would be today. But, Andrichik relayed the request – although there were doubts he was telling the truth.

“Everyone didn’t believe me until they saw two white limousines pull up,” said Andrichik.

Then, they saw Jagger, Wood, “a couple of bodyguards, a couple ladies.” They sat at tables four and five.

“People moved,” Andrichik said, “so that they could put two tables together.”

The other guests couldn’t contain their excitement about being in a bar with two members of the Rolling Stones. But, all they had was the technology of the day.

“All we had was a dial wall phone then,” Andrichik said. “And you could see a steady stream of the few customers go up to dial their friends” to tell them what was happening.

Andrichik said the Stones knew what was happening. So, when the Chatterbox band took a break, Jagger and Wood spent some time talking to everyone.

“They were both treated like regular customers and behaved like regular customers.”

Andrichik says it is “tremendous” to know the Stones will be back in Indianapolis.

“The fact that they’re visiting, again, and going to play in a tremendous venue, brand new for everyone for the concert at the Motor Speedway is really great.”