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Couple offers AirBnb rental free to doctors, nurses

Couple gives nurses, doctors free place to stay

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis couple has had an overwhelming response after offering their Airbnb free to doctors and nurses who work in downtown Indianapolis. 

Michael Hoster and Jacks Von Liria posted the home on Facebook Friday and by Tuesday they were flooded with requests. Now, they are hoping other Airbnb owners step up and do what they’re doing. 

Several nurses and doctors commute to downtown from surrounding cities and towns. The couple has learned that commute has become tougher recently because many are working additional shifts. 

They wanted to offer a place where people could catch up on sleep and still be close to work. In talking to their guests, they’ve also met some who are afraid to go home because they have family members who are high-risk. 

Hoster and Von Liria have also been cooking meals and making sure their guests are well cared for. 

Several people have stepped up and done this in other cities. Airbnb now has guidelines on its website with recommendations for cleaning and how long to wait before allowing the next guest to arrive. 

If you are interested in booking their property you can find more information, you can visit their Facebook page