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Families of slain Delphi teens hopeful an arrest is coming

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In just a few months, Kelsi German will walk down the aisle.

Along with her soon-to-be husband, Kelsi also imagined her sister Libby would be waiting for her. Kelsi’s dream of sharing her big day with her little sister came to an end when Libby German and her friend Abby Williams went for a walk down a trail in Delphi on Feb. 13, 2017.

They were found dead the next day.

Over the years police released two sketches of a possible suspect, a recording off Libby’s phone, and most recently investigators told the world about a social media profile named “anthony_shots.”

The revelation of that online account in December is what the girls’ families say has given them a renewed sense of hope.

“It was good to hear that something was going on,” Anna Williams, Abby’s mom, said.

“It just brings me hope that they’re still working on it,” Kelsi German said.

“I feel more hopeful every time something comes out,” Mike Patty, Libby and Kelsi’s grandfather, said.

Court documents uncovered by News 8 say Kegan Kline admitted to creating and using the account to get more than 100 sexual pictures and videos of underage girls. Kline made that admission just 12 days after the girls were murdered.

But, he wasn’t arrested until more than three years later. Libby’s grandpa Mike Patty wants to know why, but says he also has full faith in law enforcement’s reason for not telling him.

“In the early stages of it, yes, I wanted to know everything. But, I’ve come to realize that ‘Hey, there’s a process we have to go through.’ We live in a society of laws and we have to follow those, and I’m willing to do what needs to be done to get the end result,” Patty said.

So far, Indiana State Police have not publicly connected the profile to the girls’ murders. They’ve only said they found it while investigating their deaths.

News 8 asked Kelsi if she believes Libby and Abby were going to meet someone the day they were killed.

“I think that we don’t know yet, and so I try not to think about it. So, until law enforcement tells me that’s the answer and they haven’t even told me how the Anthony Shots profile is connected or if it even is. So until we have those answers, I try not to think about all the reasons why it’s relevant,” Kelsi German said.

Abby’s mom Anna Williams said she hopes the public does its part to share missing pieces of the case with law enforcement. She said the sooner that happens, the sooner everyone can understand why the account is being looked into.

“It tells me we’re a lot closer than I probably even think we are. They obviously are just waiting for one valuable piece of information so we just keep our fingers crossed that somebody is gonna turn that in and we can get our resolution soon,” Anna Williams said.

Kegan Kline has not been charged in the girls’ murders; in fact, no one has. He’s in the Miami County Jail awaiting trial.

He faces 30 counts including child porn and child solicitation.

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