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Docs: Son warned that father was going to kill him

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Days before his death, a child warned his mother that his father was going to kill him. His father has been charged with his murder while investigators try to find his body.

Anthony Dibiah, 37, is charged with the murder of Nakota Kelly, his 10-year-old son.

Court documents indicate that Kelly was fearful to visit his father after being told he would be spending the weekend with him.

“Oh, I’m dead. Don’t expect me to come home,” Kelly said to his mother. “My dad is going to kill me.”

The child’s mother reported her son’s statements to a case worker with the Department of Child Services. Court documents state that Kelly made the comment on July 14.

The boy “stated that his dad was angry with him because he would not have forgotten about Nakota hanging up the phone on his father because Nakota did not want to speak with him,” according to court documents.

The mother contacted the case worker again on July 19 after receiving a text message from Dibiah.

“Sometimes I hear voices. My son is in heaven,” the text said.

Investigators say two people were contacted by Dibiah, who admitted to them that he had killed his son.

On the evening of July 18, one witness said he received a text message, then a call from Dibiah.

“I just killed my son!” the witness recounted Dibiah saying.

The witness “asked Anthony why he had just killed his son and Anthony began saying that his son’s mother had given him a very hard time and had cost him a lot of money in court,” according to court documents.

The witness said he called 911 afterwards.

Another witness said he got a call from Dibiah on the morning of July 19. The witness says Dibiah told him “he used a bag to suffocate his son until he stopped breathing” and that he “dumped the body,” according to court documents.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department got a search warrant and entered an apartment in the 6000 block of West Lake South Drive. That’s near I-465 on the city’s west side between Rockville Road and 10th Street.

Officers said they found brain matter on the bathroom floor. Blood was splattered on the bathroom walls, floor and ceiling.

Surveillance video was given to investigators. A vehicle registered to Dibiah left and returned several times between 2 :27 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. on July 19. Police said Dibiah is seen making multiple trips from the apartment to the vehicle, placing items in the back of the vehicle each time. He’s seen putting a bag inside of a dumpster on one trup.

Dibiah was arrested around 4 p.m. on July 19 after being located in Missouri. He was taken to the Macon County Jail.

Officers are continuing to search for Kelly’s body. Investigators say Dibiah’s phone has been pinged around the 4500 block of W. Vermont Ave., near Eagle Creek.

Online court listings do not have a future appearance listed for Dibiah at this time.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office says the death penalty may be sought.

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