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Indianapolis couple lives in fear after bullets fired into south side home

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Debra David was in her bedroom on Friday morning last week when a hail of bullets crashed into her home.

“All of a sudden I heard glass breaking. It was breaking all around me. I knew they were shooting at me,” David said.

She and her boyfriend, James Hamilton, believe they experienced a drive-by shooting. A week after the incident, bullet holes can be seen on the side of their East Caven Street home and on Hamilton’s truck parked outside the home.

Hamilton said, “It hit the wall, and I found the bullet that I showed you. I found it in the bed.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Thursday that no suspects have been found in the case.

The couple doesn’t know why anyone would want to hurt them. Hamilton speculates something he posted on social media complaining about a couple sitting in a car near his home may have sparked the shooting.

Hamilton said, “I think they were having sex. They were there for about two hours, and I saw him take his AR-15 from his front seat to his back seat.”

David and Hamilton says they previously experienced crime when thieves stole things from their home, but nothing ever this bad.

David said, “I just came from my doctor’s office because I got anxiety. Something drops in the house, and I just immediately jumped out of my skin.”