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Daughter of man killed during Amber Alert warned father about Amber Pasztor

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Amber Pasztor was driving her neighbor Frank Macomber’s car when she abducted her kids Monday. He was reported missing and all day and his family feared the worst. Early Tuesday morning, police found his body in the woods off Wallen Road: he’d been shot to death.

Investigators think the two cases are connected and said they believe Macomber was killed before the abduction. Macomber’s daughter, Michelle Troye,  said Monday after the Amber Alert was issued.

She said she was convinced her dad was in danger and not involved. She understood no one knew at the time who he was but now she wants people to know what her father was really like. During the Amber Alert, Troye knew something was wrong.

“I am 100 percent certain that he is not involved in this situation because he wouldn’t hurt anybody, especially children,” she said.

She also said she knew right away Amber was involved. Troye said her dad was neighbors with Amber and would help her out from time to time, giving her a ride or some cash if she needed it. That was something Troye didn’t support.

“We were very persistent and telling him we do not want her around you, you do not need to have her around you, she is not right. He did not listen,” she said.

Then the first round of bad news came, the children were killed. Troye’s hope started to fade.

“If those kids were alive, maybe she changed her mind about hurting anybody and there was still hope for my dad but after hearing that, I lost all hope,” she said.

Amber said it’s a chaotic time of turmoil for the family.

“Hatred, anger. I’d like to say I’m as forgiving as my father was,” she said.

Now she wants people to remember her father as a caring man. The 65-year-old Vietnam Vet was a retired GM worker. She described him as her best friend, a friend to many, and a kind heart that was taken advantage of.

“He’s the type of person that he’d give you the last penny in his pocket. Now we’re just left to pick up the pieces and try and put my dad at rest,” she said.

No charges have been filed in Macomber’s homicide. Funeral arrangements are being planned now.

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