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Social media continues to evolve, update, and shift

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Social media platforms, like their billions of users, are constantly changing, updating, and shifting. As a result, marketers need to be aware of these changes to remain relevant.

One social media platform that’s forcing others to evolve is TikTok, says Nelson Spade, the general manager of WISH-TV’s sister company Circulus Digital Media.

“TikTok’s influence is being felt and being reacted to across all of these major platforms,” Spade said. “Social platforms are really emphasizing short-form video, TikTok’s specialty. It’s led to algorithm changes for both Facebook and Instagram this year, and they are starting to look like TikTok in some ways.”

Despite TikTok’s growth and influence, Facebook is still number one for users and marketing spend — but it’s not immune to change, Spade says.

“Facebook is, moving forward, going to really heavily be recommending posts regardless of where they’re coming from. I’ve noticed that a lot and they picked that up from TikTok adjustments. They also are going to be recombining Facebook messenger and the main Facebook app into one space. They’re clearly seeing Tiktok as a threat here and they’re taking notice.”

Facebook and Instagram are both increasing the emphasis on Reels, according to Spade.

“Instagram learned long ago that in their platform, users really prefer Reels,” Spade said. “They’ve adjusted their algorithm to favor businesses that use Reels. It gives you a bigger organic reach to a potential audience. So, from a business perspective, make sure you’re using Reels. Don’t just place content via an image or a video to your feed.”

Spade says businesses and marketers should also pay attention to Instagram’s AVD: Average View Duration.

“The longer you get someone to stay with a video, on average, across all your videos, Instagram loves it. They’ll boost it even more.”

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