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Public education advocates rally at Indiana Statehouse

Public education advocates rally at Indiana Statehouse

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Public school advocates on Monday were at the Statehouse for what was called the Public Education Day of Action.

The assembled group gathered voiced opposition to legislation they say threatens public education and democracy. They tell us they’re most concerned about Indiana Senate Bill 255. It would allow students to spend grant money on services outside of their school’s jurisdiction, with students from private schools receiving 90% of the money.

Rachel Burke of the Indiana PTA said, “My kid is more than an employee and a future worker. They are a person with their own hopes and dreams like every child in the state of Indiana should be. It is far more important we get together and let them live out their hopes and dreams than they reach a score on a test or they reach a check mark for an employer.”

The group says even though bills that threaten public education may not pass in this short legislative session, they are likely to reemerge in next years session and they will continue to oppose them.