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CMA Awards bring life changes for Thomas Rhett

Three-time CMA Awards nominee Thomas Rhett says being up for Album of the Year is the pinnacle. 

His album “Life Changes” is up for the award, but the lyrics to the title track paint a true picture of his life. 

In it, he sings, “Notebook full of bad songs I was writing. Never dreamed anyone else would like’em.”

In the song, he progresses from college to parent to a successful artist. 

His says his fans relate to the chorus, “ain’t it funny how life changes.” But it nearly didn’t make the cut. 

“Honestly there was a point where I didn’t think life changes was going to be on the record. I kind of just thought it was a song for me, kind of just like here is 10 pages of a journal and this is the song,” Rhett explained. 

Now he’s feeling confident in the choice, with the Country Music Association backing him. 

“It continues to feel weird to get nominated because I kind of still feel like a baby act in a way,” Rhett laughs. 

Rhett is way beyond baby steps. Being recognized by the CMA is an honor he set out for when his career first began. He accomplished the goal in 2016 when he won single of the year for “Die A Happy Man.” 

“It really is such a special moment for all of your peers and your songwriting peers and your label and your publishers to see you win that award. It’s really an invigorating feeling,” he explained. 

It’s a feeling Rhett has the chance to embrace again as this year he has snagged three CMA Award nods.

“Marry Me” is up for music video, but Rhett has also landed a nom in the male vocalist category against some heavy hitters.

“To be up there in categories with people like Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton, Dierks Bentley and those people, like it’s just a really humbling thought and so I’m pretty excited about it.” 

He says he is even more excited about Album of the Year.

“You put so much time and effort in making a record, not only just recording the songs and writing them, but figuring out the album art and figuring out the sequencing of the songs and how people are going to listen to them. And so much work and dedication goes into a record, and so for them to recognize that album as one of their top 5 of the year is insane to me.” 

If he wins the award it could be yet another life changer.

Rhett will also be performing the song “Life Changes” on the awards show. He says it’s a first for TV and he plans to put a different rendition on the song.