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Hammer and Nigel: Decker’s United Airlines clash, Sega’s billion-dollar ‘Angry Birds’ acquisition

On their popular show on WIBC, Hammer and Nigel dove into two hot topics.

First, they discussed actress Jessie James Decker’s recent clash with United Airlines, after a distressing incident involving her pregnant sister, Sydney Bass, who is also the wife of Anthony Bass.

The hosts passionately dissected the details and shared their thoughts on the matter.

In addition, Hammer and Nigel talked about the breaking news that Sega is reportedly finalizing a deal to acquire the company behind the wildly popular mobile game “Angry Birds” for one billion dollars.

They analyzed the potential implications of this major acquisition in the gaming industry and shared their insights on the financial magnitude of the deal.

This discussion with Hammer and Nigel is packed with juicy news and commentary that you won’t want to miss.