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Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech draws strong reactions from all sides

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention is getting lots of attention online. Top Republicans, Democrats, supporters and opponents all took to social media after the speech.

24-Hour News 8 talked to one Clinton supporter at a local DNC watch party who said the speech was exactly what the United States needed to hear. She went on to say she appreciated the fact that Clinton reached out to Sanders supporters during the speech.

“I think what she did very well and very skillfully to kind of reach the across the aisle to those folks who maybe felt disillusioned by the primary process or who maybe are not super on board with her just yet. Especially those young people. She’s talked about those topics that are really important to them,” said Kate Wehby.

Reporters in Philadelphia said some Bernie Sanders supporters protested after the speech, saying they would not vote for Clinton in the fall.

Wehby went on to talk about the significance of having a woman on top of the presidential ticket, and the example it sets for her young niece.

“I want her to grow up in a world that you know as a woman you have power. That’s a very strong and powerful experience candidate from a major party is so important,” said Wehby.

Here’s a look at some of the online reaction: