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How 3 girls found custodian’s cellphone was recording locker room scenes

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — A Bloomington High School North custodian is behind bars and faces some serious charges for incidents involving students.

William Marrs, 36, is accused of hiding his cellphone and recording girls as they changed. 

The alleged incident involved middle school students; however, it happened Thursday at the high school. A swim club was using the high school facilities after school hours, and Marrs was also there. 

“There’s kids as young as 6, 7 years old that used this facility. It’s is very disturbing,” said Detective Sgt. Dana Cole of Bloomington Police Department. 

Cole said three 13-year-olds entered the swim locker room, and one girl noticed something suspicious

“She noticed that the bottom corner had been torn out of the bag and she observed what appeared to be a cellphone behind the hole,” the detective said.

Upon closer look, the girl found a cellphone with the video camera appearing to have recorded for 15 minutes. The girl got her teammates involved. 

The detective said, “Then they went to the camera roll of the iPhone and noted that there were a  few other videos on the phone.” 

The girls gave the phone to their coach, but when Marrs came looking for it, their coach gave the phone back to Marrs and then called police. Police said the coach was not sure what his legal rights were and that’s why he gave the phone back.

Police said by the time they arrived Marrs had deleted the videos. 

The detective said, “He finally admitted that he had set up the cellphone in the locker room in order to videotape it.”

The school district suspended Marrs pending the investigation. Detectives on Friday were trying to determine how many victims there are and how long this has been going on. 

Cole said, “It’s very disturbing especially given the age of the victims in this case.”

Marrs remained at the Monroe County Jail on Friday afternoon. He could face formal charges of voyeurism and child exploitation from the Monroe County prosecutor. 

Bloomington High School North Principal Michael Akers did not reply to messages left for him. This message to parents from the principal was shared with News 8: 

“Dear Bloomington High School North Parents and Guardians,

“Last evening, we had a custodian at North who allegedly had a camera in the swimming locker room. Our administration investigated and immediately contacted the Bloomington Police Department.  The police have charged the individual and he has been suspended from MCCSC pending investigation.  Please know that we take the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously and will continue to be vigilant in our efforts. 

“Professionally Yours,

“Michael E. Akers, Principal”

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