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Brownsburg Town Council member resigns after foreclosing on house

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Jeff Gracey was elected to the Brownsburg Town Council in 2019. His house was sold at a sheriff sale last month and he remains in the house. 

According to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department, Gracey’s home was sold at auction on July 12 to Bungalow Series F, REO, LLC. The new owner did not ask the sheriff’s department to immediately remove Gracey from the home.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department served Gracey with a writ of assistance, or a notice to vacate the house, last Wednesday and the sheriff can force Gracey out at any time. I-Team 8 was told the sheriff office will allow 7 days for people to get their affairs in order before locking the doors in some circumstances.  

 According to documents obtained by I-Team 8, Gracey’s home has been in foreclosure proceedings since November 2012.  

 Gracey came right to the door Wednesday morning. He declined News 8’s invitation for an on-camera interview but said he planned to resign his town council seat.  

Gracey then informed Town Council President Travis Tschaenn of his intention to resign Wednesday evening.

“Jeff Gracey resigned his seat on the Brownsburg Town council as of August 18th, 2021,” Tschaenn said in a statement. “We appreciate Jeff’s service to the Brownsburg community as a Town Councilman as well as his service to our country as a United States Marine. We wish Jeff the very best and much success is his future endeavors.”

A Brownsburg ordinance requires council members to live within the town and the district they represent.  

I-Team 8 also talked to Gracey shortly after his house was sold at auction. He said a month ago he planned to stay within his district and continue to serve on the council.