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Family concerned about children after homicide at their home

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Sunday afternoon, 31-year-old Jamie Trusley came back to his house and within 10 minutes he was dead.

His girlfriend and three small children were inside at the time. They’ve not been in the home seen since.

Trusley lived in this house on the southwest side of Indianapolis with his girlfriend and their blended family. The quiet house is now a crime scene, and his brother is still looking for answers.

Eric Trusley said, “I don’t think we really know exactly what happened. We just know that it went bad. There was kind of a history of domestic issues between them. My brother was pretty adamant about wanting to give his children the best life that he had and, unfortunately I think, his commitment to that is what probably ended up as his demise.”

Jamie Trusley was found dead after police were called about 12:15 p.m. Sunday to 4900 block of Carry Back Lane. That’s in the Farhill Downs housing subdivision northwest of Thompson Road and South Arlington Avenue.

Jamie Trusley was stabbed, and one of the children in the house, a 5 -year-old girl, is believed to have witnessed the entire incident.  

 “And Cheryl came running out of the house screaming, and the neighbors called the police,” said the child’s grandmother, Sara Slinker, who is concerned about the girl’s safety.   

“My granddaughter witnesses a murder, she’s just over 5 years old and she needs help, and I’m very worried about her.”

Slinker says she has not seen her granddaughter in almost four years. A rift between her son and the mother kept them apart. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating what happened. So far, no one has been charged and, pending the outcome of the investigation, police are not saying much.

Several children are involved in the lives of Jamie Trusley and his girlfriend. News 8 was told the three children inside the house at time of the incident are believed to be with their mother.

Eric Trusley believes his brother is a victim of domestic violence.

“My brother was a real important person to me, and, more importantly, I want to make sure that at the end of the day that people realize that domestic violence isn’t a one-way street.

“I’m of the opinion that had this situation has been an atypical one that more than likely the person that did this would have already been in jail and that the children would be in safer place,” Eric Trusley said. 

The victim’s family is asking for one thing: to have the children returned unharmed.