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Indiana is 3rd in the nation for Black homicides, new report says

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new report by the Violence Policy Center analyzes data from 2020 and ranks Indiana third in the country for Black homicide rates, with 90% of those homicides being by guns.

“It’s not shocking or surprising. It’s hurtful. More than anything,” said James Wilson, chief executive officer of Circle Up Indy.  “When you look at socioeconomic trauma, it literally breaks down how people move in their environment, behave, and act, [and then it] becomes a norm when we’re stuck in a state of survival.”

According to the report, 26 Black Americans die each day from homicide nationwide. While Black Americans make up over half of homicide victims, they are only 14% of the U.S. population.

“[I grew up] in a safer part of town and had a great public school and great public school teachers, so, I had that leg up,” explained Indiana State Representative Mitch Gore. “If you don’t come from a background like that, naturally, you’re going to need to find those resources at some point in your life.”

For Wilson, those resources start with the creation of more affordable housing by use of a 3D printer that will also help those in need find work.

“Greatness in an ecosystem generates wealth [and] opportunity. If you really want to evolve our societies in our community [it has to be] from a collective stance from everybody — legislators all the way down to the people in,” Wilson said.

Missouri and Wisconsin were the only two states ranked ahead of Indiana for Black homicides.