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Howard County Jail officer charged with battery of inmate

(Provided Photo/Howard County Sheriff's Office)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — A 22-year-old corrections officer has been accused of using excessive force, causing bodily injury against an inmate at the Howard County jail, according to police.

On Jan. 3, The Howard County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a woman inmate saying Corrections Officer Collin M. Byrd battered her. The sheriff’s office did not provide the name of the inmate.

During the police investigation, it was revealed that the inmate who was recently arrested for operating while intoxicated was acting in disorderly conduct and yelling profanity toward officers from her cell. Officers removed the inmate from her cell to prevent further property destruction, and were placed in a restraint.

The inmate was escorted in handcuffs toward a different cell. Once outside the cell, Byrd tripped the inmate and she was taken to the floor, causing a cut above her right eye that required immediate medical attention.

According to the investigation, Byrd was disciplined for a prior use of force incident that was not justifiable.

Byrd told investigators the inmate pushed him while standing in the cell. He continued to say that he believed he would lose control of positioning, which is why he put his left foot in front of her and put her on the floor face down, according to a release.

Byrd stated that he believed he conducted himself properly and later said he could have handled the situation differently.

Investigators concluded there was no risk to Byrd’s safety because the inmate was in handcuffs behind her back while being escorted and was in a secure facility with zero chance to escape.

On Friday, Byrd received a summon from Howard County for violating a state law and battery resulting in moderate bodily injury.