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Indiana auto dealer under investigation for rolling back odometers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An auto dealer in northeast Indiana is under investigation by the Indiana Secretary of State for allegedly scamming vehicle buyers.

Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales announced in a release Monday that Flexible Auto Sales LLC, based in LaGrange County, three hours north of Indianapolis along the Michigan border, is accused of rolling back millions of miles on odometers, according to a lawsuit made against the business.

The Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of State’s Auto Dealer Services Division are working together to investigate the suit against the dealership and its owner, John Allen.

Morales said in a statement, “Our office will not tolerate auto dealers using unlawful tactics to take advantage of Hoosiers. We take these matters seriously and will work to make sure only legitimate auto dealers are doing business in our state.”

Morales also warned Hoosiers to be cautious and report any suspicious dealer activity to the Auto Dealer Services Division and the Attorney General’s Office.

Both the Attorney General’s Office and Auto Dealer Services Division say they are working to protect consumers, and are able to suspend the auto dealer’s operating permit if the accusations against Flexible Auto Sales LLC are proven true.