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People’s Convoy rolls through central Indiana

MONROVIA, Ind. (WISH) — A caravan with thousands of trucks, cars, and other vehicles rolled into Monrovia Wednesday night.

The People’s Convoy departed Adelanto, Calif., on Feb. 23. It was inspired in part by Canadian truckers who protested COVID-19 vaccine mandates in that country.

The group is made up of people from several different states who say they are tired of COVID-19 related mandates. Organizers say there are people in the convoy from all different political, racial and social walks of life.

Larry McLaughlin is one of the members of the convoy. McLaughlin is from Arlington, Texas. He joined the convoy near the Texas-Oklahoma border and followed it into Indiana.

“We are all out here for the same reason, we don’t agree with what is going on with our government, with what they are doing to us,” McLaughlin said.

Mitchell Osman is a trucker from Indianapolis. He was also in Monrovia on Wednesday.

“Nobody makes medical decision for my body except for me,” Osman said.

Even though the government dialed down mask mandates last week, many of the people at the event, including organizer Maureen Steele, say they are still angry about what they say were “one size fits all” mandates that were in place during the pandemic.

“Not only do Americans deserve accountability for the pandemic and what’s gone on over the past two years but we need an explanation,” Steele said.

The convoy moves into Ohio on Thursday before finishing the trip in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.