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Indiana officials investigate video as sex extortion

LA PORTE, Ind. (AP) – Officials in northern Indiana are investigating a video that they say shows “heinous” sexual abuse of a high school student as sex extortion.

The investigation comes after the video was viewed and shared on social media by a number of people.

LaPorte County Prosecuting Attorney John Espar said Friday that his office was investigating the video as a case of sexual exploitation and extortion. The prosecutor said the student “did not act willingly” but he would not describe the video’s contents or give the student’s age or gender.

LaPorte High School administrators sent a robocall to parents warning that possessing or distributing the video may lead to child pornography charges.

Police said it was shared on “a number of internet sources” including Facebook Live. Espar said authorities asked Facebook to take the video down and the company cooperated.

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