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Indiana wants to raise total of college-educated Hoosiers to 60% from 43%

Pushing more Hoosiers to get a higher education

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The state has laid out a plan to reach its goal of increasing the number of Hoosiers who get a higher education.

According to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, 43.4 percent of Indiana residents continue with their education past high school. The state wants to increase that number to 60 percent by 2025.

Officials are calling the plan “Reaching Higher in a State of Change.” It includes changing the way people think about higher education to include certificates and apprenticeships.

The plan also includes closing the achievement gaps by being more inclusive and using education to develop a better qualified workforce to improve the state’s economy.

Teresa Lubbers, commissioner of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, said, “We need to get to that 60 percent goal because that’s what the workforce will need to have, but we decided to do this year’s plan around the narratives, the stories around people’s lives. But, too, it’s an opportunity for us to sort of huddle around a big cause and get everyone together moving in the same direction.”

As part of the plan, the state will release an annual report card to show the state’s progress leading up tot 2025.