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VIDEO: Indy to say ‘cheerio’ to British spellings

Indy doing away with British spellings

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis may be ready to say ‘cheerio’ to one British spelling in its official ordinances.

The City-County Council is scheduled to consider a plan removing the British ‘councillor’ spelling from city ordinances.

Council Vice-President Zach Adamson will introduce the measure at the council’s meeting on Monday night.

The proposal would change all references in city ordinance to the American version of ‘councilor’ and eliminate the additional letter.

The city’s website,, also uses the British spelling.

Many British, Canadian and Australian words use the “double up rule” which calls for doubling the final consonant in a word that ends with one vowel followed by one consonant.

American English typically ignores the rule for words with multiple syllables.

For example, ‘cancel’ would become ‘cancelled’ in the official British, but ‘canceled’ in American English.