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Indy PopCon brings fans of pop culture, superheroes to town

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Fans of popular culture have descended upon Indiana for the 2016 Indy PopCon.

For those looking to pick something up from the pop culture-centered convention, there are dozens of vendors selling  everything from comic books to corsets.

Indy PopCon is more than just an opportunity to pick up some memorabilia, there are also interactive exhibits,workshops,panels and even a droid hunt.

And if you’re hoping to spot your favorite superhero at the convention, you won’t have to look long. The majority of attendees dress up, both the young and the young at heart.

Likely the youngest attendee to get into the festive atmosphere by sporting a costume was three-month-old Emilia.  Emilia’s mother, Lauren Weber, said Indy PopCon is a chance to let your inner nerd out.

“I just think it’s fun. It’s a nice environment, these are nice people and my mom was a nerd, she was into Star Wars and Star Trek and took me to these things as kids and so I grew up with it and I want her to grow up with it and meet all these people and just learn to accept everybody,” said Weber.

Indy PopCon runs through Sunday.

Passes to the convention can be bought at the door $35.