IndyGo makes changes to Red Line wait times, route

IndyGo makes changes to Red Line wait times, route

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) – IndyGo is making changes to the route and timing of the Red Line rapid transit bus service.

Its operators said route changes were part of the original plan, but the timing of the changes is an effort to make the route safer now.

The Red Line has been popular since it’s official launch in September, but, like with anything new, there have been some kinks that have to be worked out along the way. IndyGo said it is adding “layover” times along the routes to help the Red Line run more efficiently and take some of the stress off of new drivers.

Until now, a Red Line bus was supposed to arrive at a station about every 10 minutes. After some issues with timing, buses will now arrive every 10 to 20 minutes during the week and every 15 to 30 minutes on the weekend after peak hours.

“We are hoping that we can improve the on-time performance and help bus drivers so they reduce the bus bunching,” Vanesa Rivera with IndyGo said.

Red Line user Amahi Ivara said of the wait time changes, “I think that is still a reasonable time frame, still pretty convenient.”

IndyGo is adding a “layover” at the north and south ends of the route where a bus driver could stop for up to 5 minutes before getting back on the route.

Rivera with IndyGo said, “It will help the drivers who are newer not have to speed and and try to meet the expectation.”

The changes also will add to the time riders may have to wait between buses, but IndyGo said the change needed to be made for now.

Bus rider Chanise Hero said about the changes, “Safety is No. 1, so better safe than late and never.”

Rivera with IndyGo said, “It is a new system to our city and to us as well so we are just hoping that with time our bus drivers get used to the 10 to 12 minute intervals.”

IndyGo also announced it will be expanding Route 90 on the Red Line by having bus go north to 96th Street and south to Greenwood Park Mall.

Rivera said, “Passengers will not be having to transfer to local buses. They will just have to stay on if they need to go to the end of the lines.”

Some riders have had more issues than others when it comes to bus timing, but, overall, riders said they are looking forward to more efficiency.

IndyGo three times a year can make changes to routes. This week’s changes are the last scheduled for 2019. IndyGo said, in the future, it hopes to get the Red Line back to running in 10- to 12-minute intervals on a regular basis.