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Foellinger Foundation kicks off Thrive Initiative

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Fort Wayne-based Foellinger Foundation has launched an effort to support local neighborhoods. The Thrive Initiative will provide a nearly $900,000 investment to nonprofits on the city’s southeast side that can provide resources to neighborhoods with the greatest economic need.

The foundation says grants were distributed to more than 20 nonprofits to help residents with education, housing, jobs, childcare and more. The Southeast Fort Wayne community was selected by the organization for the initiative’s first phase.

“Foellinger Foundation evaluates program outputs and outcomes, and the visual representation of this is called the Independence Continuum,” said Chief Executive Officer Ed Kominowski. “The Continuum reflects an individual’s journey from dependence to independence—and when a person is at their most independent, we consider them to be thriving. That’s our hope for all Allen County residents—and this concentrated effort will specifically support those in Southeast Fort Wayne.”

You can watch the press announcement for the initiative by clicking here.