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Holcomb signs order increasing childcare options

Photo of Governor Eric Holcomb. (Provided Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Governor Eric Holcomb has signed an executive order to increase childcare options to support families during virtual school days. The order allows school corporations to contract with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club or a YMCA to facilitate school-age childcare programs in additional locations.

Holcomb’s office says the order is an effort to provide further options, in addition to public school buildings, to help families who need care while their students engage in e-learning.

Additionally, Holcomb’s office says the order increases the number of school-aged children allowed to gather in a home for e-learning without requiring the childcare setting to be licensed. Non-licensed childcare providers can now host up to 10 school-aged children during weekdays.

You can connect to the complete EO by clicking here.


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