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IU gives back in Omaha

OMAHA, Ne. (WISH) — The court at the Century Link Center will be busy this week with eight schools striving for greatness.

Tom Crean and his Hoosiers spent some time off the court in Omaha encouraging others to be great. Through a coaching connection, the team spent two hours at a local Compass Ministry, connecting with under-privileged youth needing successful role models.

“We know why we’re here,” said coach Tom Crean. “But they’ve got a lot more they can impact than just on the court, and it’s important our players understand that. It’s the mission of the program. You can impact a lot of people, and we got impacted.”

The team also visited the College World Series stadium where the IU baseball team played last June, hoping to get a little emotional boost.

Crean also said Hanner Perea should be able to practice Thursday afternoon.