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‘Joey’s favorite holiday’: Rory Feek writes heartbreaking Easter message

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The husband of late country singer and Indiana native Joey Feek shared an emotional Easter message.

In a blog post, Rory Feek writes about how the couple’s daughter is doing after her mother died several weeks ago.

He describes Easter being Joey’s favorite holiday.

“I can’t help but think of my bride today,” he said. “To remember all the Easter’s we’ve spent together over the years and what this morning would be like if she were still here with us. What it would mean to her to share Easter this year with our two-year-old. It would be so, so special.”

Their young daughter, named Indiana, hasn’t asked for her mother at all since Joey’s death.

“Indy has not asked for her mama. Not one single time since Joey’s been gone,” he wrote. “It’s almost as if she hasn’t noticed that she’s not here. And that is so sad… and oh, so wonderful – all at the same time.”

He also said he and Indiana visit Joey’s grave every day.

“No, Indy doesn’t quite understand what has happened,” he continued. “Why her papa is sad. Why friends hug us so tightly, and why tears fall from strangers’ eyes when they say hello to us. But she will. She may not realize right now how incredible her mama is, but she will. I have made a career out of documenting our lives, and her mother… with songs and video and pictures and they are everywhere. I will play them for her. And tucked away in her little heart will be all of the beautiful memories of these first two years that she has shared with her mama and when the time is right, she will find them and they will make her smile. Yes she will remember. I believe that.”