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Kayla Sullivan shares ideas for reasons your child’s ‘The Elf on the Shelf’ didn’t move (other than you forgot)

Kid-ing with Kayla — Elf on the shelf is a Christmas tradition kids tend to love! They wake up every morning and usually, their elf is in a new fun position. Sometimes, they are really creative and the elf gets itself into some funny mischief. The idea is that the elf is Santa’s helper and monitors behavior in the home during the day. The elf then flies to the North Pole at night to report whether children in the home were naughty or nice. However, there are times the elf appears to be in the same place it was the day before. That’s why Kayla Sullivan did a report on this topic. She hopes parents will show their kids this video if an elf remains in the same spot in their house.

In the video, Kayla suggests a number of reasons the elf could have stayed in the same position. She said it may have been too comfortable to move, it could have been stuck or maybe it heard a sound and was too afraid to move. Kayla said if the problem persists, maybe the children and parents can take the elf’s temperature to make sure it isn’t sick and the parents can start setting an alarm to “check” on the sick elf each night.

Kayla confirmed it was not the child’s fault the elf did not move. Many other parents in the comment section agreed this is an occasional in their homes as well.

Kayla is holding the elf with tongs because if you touch the elf it is said to lose its magic.

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