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Kid-ing with Kayla: Do you lick your thumb to clean your child’s face?

Kid-ing with Kayla: Licking your thumb to clean a kid’s face

Kid-ing with Kayla: It’s so gross! I absolutely hated it when my mom would lick her thumb to wipe something off my face but here I am doing the exact same thing to my own child.

It wasn’t something I planned, but in a bind, it’s effective! Usually have have baby wipes handy or at least a fast food napkin I can dip in water.

The problem with the thumb is you can’t just lightly rub, you have to be a little aggressive with it to get the food or whatever may be on your kid’s face cleaned off the area. Kids hate it!

On my Facebook, I asked parents what they do when it comes to this topic.

Katie Dressler said, “Totally did it when my kids were little. As for baby wipes, my kids are teenagers and I still keep them in the car. They’re useful for everything!”

Louise Godfrey added, “Given my son randomly licks me without warning I say the motherly spit on thumb is fair enough in a bind. I prefer to have a wipe so I can do the complete smother wipe in one go.”

Beth DiCarlo could relate. “When you remember your mom doing it you and swearing you’ll never do that to your kid and then, low and behold, you find yourself licking your thumb and doing just that.”

The comments continue to come in! Join the conversation and let us know what you think.

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