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Korea has always felt like a shrimp between whales

There is a Korean proverb that states: When whales fight, a shrimp’s back is broken. 

In the heart of Seoul sits the War Memorial Museum. It’s a grand reminder of South Koreas battles with and between whales

“Before Korean war, we were shrimp between whales Russia and U.S.  Also, big whale is Japan. Now U.S. and China.  So different times, different shrimp,” said Calvin Professor  Dr. Younkhill Lee.

He left Korea 34 years ago.  He says Koreans ability to survive all of the battles on their soil has helped shape them.

“There is a saying that a fisherman, if they get a lot of fish and tried to make the fish survive, they put bigger fish in there. And so this fish move really fast to survive. And in a sense, those are challenges, a threat. They make the fish survive, but also thrive,” said Lee.

This is a country that is clearly thriving right now.  South Korea is producing some of the world’s biggest brands like Samsung, Hyundai and Kia.  The city of Seoul is bursting with more than 25 million people living in and around the capital city – that’s nearly half the country’s population.  

It’s a country that features a unique blend of its rich history. And it’s bright future.

“It is something.  I’m always proud that I’m Korean,” said Lee.