Brownsburg Town Council will discuss taking out a bond to cover construction costs of youth sports complex

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — The Town of Brownsburg is in talks of making a $15.5 million sports complex a reality. Town council members will discuss taking out a bond to cover construction, which is expected to take 18 months.

Staff is currently working with consultants and community members to identify park amenities. The project was first approved by the town council in December. The plan is to purchase the land from the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. The goal is to address key recreation priorities in the northern part of the community. Thursday’s meeting is just one of three required readings before the final vote.

The complex would sit on 106 acres. It would have six baseball fields, six softball diamonds, a new community park and 40 acres of other facilities.

“A lot of their fields and stuff are outdated,” Brownsburg parent Eric Foist said.

It would be located a mile and a half north of I-74 and 2.5 miles west of Eagle Creek Reservoir, near the Crossroads Drive-Thru Feed Barn and St. Malachy Catholic Church.

“It’s going to be huge for a thriving and upcoming community to be able to keep evolving,” Foist said.

The town is responsible for developing the fields, which will be leased to Brownsburg Little League Baseball and the Brownsburg Girls Softball League.

Foist says not only is the project convenient, but brings revenue to the town of 26,000.

“I have a six-year-old daughter who was in BGSL last year,” he said. “There are a ton of parents who have kids and have to rush out to Westfield to Grand Park and now I think you would be able to keep a lot of your west community in a more central location.”

The town provided photos of phase one, which includes a look at some of the fields. Phase two includes an open space for a variety of field sports, a playground and a multipurpose building.

“This isn’t just spending money, it’s an investment,” Foist said.

A master plan was created using survey data provided by residents.

“It should be beneficial as long as it’s ran as such,” Foist said.

Funding has not been approved by town council, but full design is underway.

According to current documents, 60% will be completed by the end of the March and full design by April and bidding for the project could come in May.

The town says this is not a done deal by any means. They are still accepting comment forms after Thursday’s meeting. The town’s community engagement manager says based on comments on social media, people are supportive of the project. The second reading will be on March 25. If funding and bids are approved, it would be ready by the spring 2024 season.