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First responders ask people to stay off frozen waterways

BARGERSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The Bargersville Fire department is reminding everyone to stay off frozen waterways and be aware of the dangers of thin ice before they get into trouble.

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Pruitt told News 8 there’s no such thing as safe ice in central Indiana because it thaws and freezes too much.

The fire department conducted its annual ice rescue training as first responders wear a special suit, use special equipment and floatation devices to complete a rescue.

“Once you fall into the ice and hypothermia starts setting in, you’ll only have a matter of minutes before you may lose your life in that pond if no one notices you fall through,” Pruitt said.

He added that retention ponds — especially in backyards and lakes — are often places people get trapped and snow on top can be even more deceiving and dangerous.

First responders urge people to ask anyone who ventures onto frozen waterways to get off and if they don’t to call 911.