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Here’s how you can join in on the Great Backyard Bird Count

How to join in on the Great Backyard Bird Count

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Sunday Hoosiers have a chance to step out into nature, help scientists and meet several local birds all at once.

The event is called the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) led by the Cornell Lab and National Audubon Society.

Now in it’s 22nd year, the GBBC is a four-day citizen science project which helps scientists capture information about birds around the world.

“The Cornell Lab recently published a study saying that we lost about 30% of birds since 1970 and a lot of that data was sourced through citizen science,” said Will Schaust who manages the Ornithology Center at Eagle Creek Park.

While the GBBC is an opportunity to discover birds in your own backyard, it’s also a chance to get into local parks. Schaust says Eagle Creek Park has guide books on hand so you can double check you are reporting the correct species.

The Cornell Lab also suggests using E bird before starting your bird count for guidelines, tips and tricks.

If you think you’re seeing a bird that doesn’t quite belong in central Indiana, Schaust says to take a picture of it.

Scientists may reach out to you to double check your sightings.

“If you did discover a rare bird, then you have credit for finding it and proof!” added Schaust.

The GBBC ends February 17, but bird lovers can continue the bird counting fun throughout the year at Eagle Creek Park.

“Each month we have a free program at 2:30 p.m. over the weekends for bird watching and fun for the whole family. We love to teach people how to bird count and how much we can learn from birds and their migration patterns,” said Schaust.

For more information about birds in Indiana, head to the Indiana Audubon Society.