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Hundreds of protesters march downtown, demand justice for Dreasjon ‘Sean’ Reed and McHale Rose

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hundreds of angry protesters hit the streets downtown Wednesday, demanding justice for Dreasjon “Sean” Reed and McHale Rose, two black men killed by police within hours of each other back in May.

The group also said it wants city leaders to defund police and fire the officers responsible for their deaths.

Reed is the man shot by police during a Facebook live video, his death is still under investigation from a special prosecutor. Police said McHale Rose shot at four officers who were responding to a burglary at an apartment complex.

Protesters began at City Market and made several stops downtown, including one in front of IMPD’s downtown district office where they shouted and made demands to police through the windows

Rose’s family joined the downtown march. His dad and aunt tell News 8 they stand up for all lives, but right now they’re standing up for McHale’s.

“We all know all lives matter. But Black lives have been a target so right now we are just focusing on Black lives matter,” said McHale’s dad, Myron Rose.

“You do not have the right to judge anyone. So, I keep telling people ‘ask yourself are you perfect?’ because I’m not so I know you’re not because there’s no perfect people on the earth,” said Tomi Rose, McHale’s aunt.

Members said they will continue to march until they hear from Mayor Hogsett and IMPD Chief Randal Taylor.