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Invention reality show returns to Central Indiana

FISHERS, Ind (WISH) — The show “Make 48” held auditions for its sixth season in Fishers Saturday.

Contestants have 48 hours to design, build and pitch a product to judges. Six teams competed in the regionals, and only one moves to the nationals, which take place in March.

“They get the challenge right before the clock starts. The teams themselves have to go through ideation, they have to see what’s available on the market place. They have to meet with their patent attorneys, and make sure they are not infringing on someone else’s IP,” said Tom Gray, Co-Creator of Make 48.

The show chooses the product contestants will design, and this season its a food locker.

Make 48 collaborated with the United Way and Corteva Agriscience on the food locker concept, to address the issue of food insecurity.

“Think about the free little library situation, but for food. Providing a way for individuals to get a food item or a meal,” said Corteva Agriscience, Spokesperson for Heidi Spahn.

The lockers must not be bigger than three feet and they must be movable.

“How does the end user interface with the product. How does the locker system actually know who is trying to access the food. We don’t want everyday people to access the food they must be registered,” said Gray.

The winning team advances to the national round which will be taped in March. Gray wants to bring the show back to Central Indiana next season. He believes there is a lot of untapped potential in the community.

“Our youngest contestant has been seven and our oldest contestant has been in his late 70’s so everyday people have great ideas.”