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Kicking the Stigma on Mental Health Action Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Colts are marking Mental Health Action Day as Thursday with a new effort to bring the Kicking the Stigma campaign to the forefront.

Ashley Powell, director of community relations for the Colts, stopped by Daybreak to speak more on the campaign.

“So we launched this in 2020 right at the height of the pandemic and it was really great timing just to be able to put this out into the community. And since the launch, we committed over $24 million on behalf of the Isray family and just community donations, done a lot of fundraising efforts, and then put that back out into the community with our grant funds as well too. So last year alone, we were able to give you $4.1 million in grant dollars,” Powell said.

Anyone wanting to get involved or purchase some Kicking the Stigma gear can do so online.