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Like a record, comedian spins round roundabout for fundraiser

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — In Indiana’s uncontested home of roundabouts, a comedian went round and round 1,001 times on Wednesday to support an area cancer center.

Dave Dugan traveled 1,001 laps in 4 hours, 29 minutes on the roundabout called Jackson Circle at Horseferry Road and Broughton Street. That’s in the Village of West Clay subdivision south of West Main Street between Clay Center and Towne roads in west Carmel. Before hitting the roundabout, Dugan said he had to beat 4 hours, 52 seconds.

Dugan’s goal is to raise money for a Cancer Support Community, a treatment center in Indianapolis. The vehicle he drove was a Karissa Rate, a marketing representative for Dugan’s effort, says he raised $950 over Facebook, just short of his $1,000 goal. Driving round and round and round was also a promotion for an upcoming comedy-themed fundraiser called Laughing Matters on June 4.

Dugan said before he began his run, “The strictest rule is that you cannot stop the entire time unless you’re picking up a passenger and, if you do that, you can only do that twice during the entire run because it’s 1 minute per hour.”

No word yet on whether Dugan officially broke a record or was just dizzy after the attempt.

Dugan’s attempt was not the first in Carmel. says Oran Sands on Oct. 13, 2015, drove his 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet on a Carmel roundabout at 106th Street and Keystone Parkway for 65.21 miles in 3 hours, 34 minutes. Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard rode with Sands for about 10 minutes of the ride.

Carmel opened its 142nd roundabout on April 28. Its 143rd roundabout is under construction at Range Line Road and 116th Street.