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Mass exodus of travelers begins as Christmas Eve nears

Holiday travel season begins

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Transportation Security Administration says Dec. 21, Dec. 22, and New Year’s Day are the busiest travel days of the holiday season in 2023.

There were only a few delays Friday at the Indianapolis International Airport as travelers made their way to and from central Indiana.

“It’s been pretty smooth,” said William Deckler, who flew into Indianapolis from New York. “We actually checked in a bag, everything went super well, Delta is on their A game.”

TSA estimates it screened 2.5 million passengers Friday, down from 2.9 million on Nov. 24 during the Thanksgiving season.

“Lines weren’t too bad at LA, but you know it’s LAX, it’s going to be pretty bad,” said Sean Somer, who arrived in Indianapolis from Los Angeles, California.

The American Automobile Association says 115 million people will be driving more than 50 miles from home between Christmas and New Years, a 2% increase over last year.

“Share the roadway, drive as if everybody out there sharing the roadway with you is someone you know and love,” said Indiana State Police Captain Ron Galaviz.

Indiana State Police (ISP) will have extra troopers on the roads this weekend focusing on distracted and drunk drivers.

“In this day and age there is really no excuse for anyone to get behind the wheel after they have been consuming alcohol, with all the rideshare, cabs the different means to get from here to there safely again there’s no excuse,” said Galaviz.

ISP says if someone is committing an illegal act on the roads or driving erratically, don’t intervene, call 911.