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Service dog that suffered frostbite attends other canines’ graduation

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Medical Mutts Service Dogs on Tuesday night celebrated the graduation of several service dogs.

A special guest was a service dog that is lucky to be alive.

Chai had a rough start to his life. Indianapolis Animal Care Services says it found him chained outside during a brutal winter in 2020. Due to the cold, the tips of his ears were lost to frostbite.

The director of training at Medical Mutts saw the potential in Chai even with his traumatic past. Now, the canine will help people who may face trauma.

Kelsey Burton, director of development at Medical Mutts, told News 8, “We also have a lot of people that are just very nervous to go out into the community. It’s really hard for them to go to the grocery and get groceries. So to have a service dog their with them as a companion who can act as a distraction helps them be part of our community.”

Chai’s handler since 2020 says the dog is helping give her and her family in Missouri a safety net.