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Spoke and Steele offering personalized cocktail barrels

Spoke and Steele offering barrel-aged cocktail program

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Found in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Spoke and Steele has become a premier destination for fresh and eclectic menu offerings.

Spoke and Steele bartender Patrick Valentine joined News 8 at Daybreak on Saturday to discuss the bar’s barrel-aged cocktail program.

One of the many offerings at the program includes getting a personalized barrel, filled with Spoke & Steele’s Barrel Aged Old Fashioned or the rotation Seasonal Selection.

“More or less we usually do our old fashioned, which is kind of our house cocktail that we’re known for, and there is a whole guest experience associated with it,” Valentine said.

For $189 per person, guests can also have a charcuterie board and talk about whiskey and the aging process with a bartender. 

“We let our guests pick out a barrel and decide what they like. We barrel the cocktail, and a few weeks later they can come back and if they finish the barrel they can take it with them. It’s engraved with their business name, family name, people do it for Father’s Day,” said Valentine. “One barrel will equal about 11 cocktails. We put it in a case and it’s there for whenever you want to come by.”

Spoke and Steel is open every day from 6:30 a.m. to midnight, and is located inside LeMeridian at 123 S. Illinois St.